A Single

for All Data Sources

Keep your data current without impacting source systems, giving your business easy, secure access to the latest and most accurate information.

Unlock Business Data Silos

Unlock your silos of data and deliver comprehensive views of your business to generate new insights and data-driven actions. Connect and combine data from hundreds of data sources – from apps and databases to cloud services and more.

Databases & Data Warehouses

Interact with a wide variety of databases, data warehouses and data lakes, on-premise or in the cloud.

Cloud & Streaming Services

Connect and stream real-time data into your enterprise data warehouse from internal and external cloud services.

Enterprise Applications

Save time with out-of-the-box connections to valuable business data that’s stored in applications like SAP or Salesforce.

File Systems & Local Data

Support data movement between flat file systems and local data sources such as JSON and CSV.

Managed End-to-End Data Conversion

Why choose us?

"OnCoor has been critical in ensuring that we have a single data source that can be trusted. We combine balance sheet data, investment pricing data, accounting line hierarchies and integrate them with interest rate risk forecasting and Balance Sheet, Interest Income forecasts, etc. With OnCoor, we can dramatically enhance security controls and data governance, improve regulatory and risk assessment reporting, and provide analytics that drives data-driven insights and recommendations across our entire company."

ALM, Treasury

Take advantage of multiple use cases

Increase analytic insights

Accelerate discovery and insights with self-service access to business-ready data.

Improve data discovarability

Unlock the value of your data, discovering and combining data assets, glossaries, dictionaries, lineage, & transformation mappings. 

Validate data accuracy and consistency

Verify each source to confirm it’s correctly transformed and placed in the specified location.


Quickly verify that data is stored and processed in line with key policies and regulations.

Turn your data into intelligence

Build a single source of truth about your operations, services and customers, delivering recommendations that can improve business outcomes and build new opportunities.

Deliver high-precision analytics, no matter where you data lives. Resolving your data disarray and turning it into intelligence and make it more valuable for you and your business.